Jumat, 07 Agustus 2009

bored and broke

it's been a while since my last post. i always went home at almost midnight this week and i have no idea what was i doing. starts from monday, i can't remember where i was going.

tuesday ? oh i remember. i went to Tebet and Pondok Indah.
my friend needed a company for his boring drive to Jakarta, so he asked me and my bf to come along (he's like my bf gay mate haha). luckily my dad is so generous, he gave me some money *yayyy !* so i bought these two

thanks for these two pieces now i'm broke. but i don't regret buying them (:

i also bought a minnie mouse hairpiece and i caught a cute cow in a, umm, doll catcher machine (well that machine with dolls inside a glass blox and you have to catch the doll by navigating the 'catcher') i don't know what is it but i just got the doll ! yaaay *photos later*

wednesday ? i went to a farewell dinner with some friends. it was quite sad, but we had fun.
the fettucini is amazing ! but when we saw the bill, it was quite shocking to see the price. so i'm broke again D:

thursday ? i went to my future uni, Swiss German University, and visited my future room in my college days. it was really small and i'm planning to find a larger room and move there. hope i can find one that really suits me !

and yeah i really really realy want a Longchamp bag for my college days. i went to a Longchamp store and the colour i want was sold out ): i'm still looking for other ways to get it so wish me luck!

which one's better ? i like both ! :s

friday ?
well i found some of my old friends from elementary school on facebook and kinda surprised to see how they look like today. fortunately, they remember me (:

guess which one is me ;)

today ? THE MOST BORING SATURDAY NIGHT EVER ! staying at home and do nothinggg D: and i lost my black dress and my SLR memory card ! goshhhh. what a nightmare

hope you have a great nite ladies !


13 komentar:

  1. Longchamp is really popular here^^
    It's such a difficult guess..everybody looks so cute* The 3rd girl on top right...ha ha ha

  2. wow, SGU is near to my house.. which major you'll take? because maybe you will meet my friends there, new student too..

  3. Hi Sabrina :)
    what a fabulous blog you're running!
    Facebook is fun, yes. Especially when it's coming to meeting up ol' classmates again. Mmmmmhm... Hard to recognize. Maybe the girl front row on the left side? With the jeans jumpsuit? Common.. spill it up! :-P
    Wishing you a sunny weekend!

  4. i like those bags! both colors are great! :) and about your bf not being able to say "r" its perfect cus then he'll say "brocolli" properly! hehe!

  5. Hi Sabrina!

    Thanks so much for following my blog! I love your blog!! I just read it, so unique.. I love the layout and everything too!

    Hope you find more fun in your Saturday night! :)

    Sarah. xoxoxo.

  6. Hi Sabrina, you have a really beautiful, fun, charming blog! Love your writings about fashion, life, and food! xxoxx


  7. @ everyone: thanks !

    @ zoe & sofie: no no, close, but no. keep guessing hehe :9

  8. aa.. hope you find your black dress and slr memory card.

    i'm wanting a longchamp bag too^^ but i cant decide on colours either.. i think the violet with go with more outfits and if it gets marks it wont be so obvious. the pink is cool though.. lol i dont know..♥

  9. Just wanted to drop bye and say HI - Thanks for following my blog!
    Have a lovely day! Love your blog btw~

    ~ Kelly~

  10. i love my longchampe. take the purple one :D

    ps. i've a new blog

  11. Love the tops, it was worth going on the boring drive. Will be follow your blog it's groovy xxx


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