Jumat, 31 Juli 2009


oh finally i finished my header ! i know it took some time, cause i was stuck and didn't know what to do. but thank goodness i can finish it (:

when the header was done, the work didn't just stop there. i had to rearrage the layout so the header would match the background ( i can't give up my background just yet cause i love it ! :9 )

and today my friend, Yundha, and i met Monica from gimme smoothies ! haha looks like i mentioned her a lot on my blog eh ? she was fun and yes we went shopping to a shopping heaven called PASAR SENEN ( it means Monday Market in English)

i look really ugly there but who cares ? haha.
well it's a tough ride to reach Pasar Senen, i had to catch a train and sit for one hour then walk and wait for a bus for 15 minutes, then transit, queued, then go on a bus again for like 20 minutes until finally arrived at the destination. the ride home also tougher, it's just too much.

but that place is just awesome ! those tortures are really paid off. i bought a few pieces for me and my mum, but i ended up disappointed at home cause i didn't buy anything colorful ):
i also saw a really nice Lacoste sweater there. it was really really cheap ! ( you can't believe if i mentioned the price) i didn't buy it and i just can't stop thinking about it now. so i think i'm gonna go again just to buy that sweater and something colorful (:

more photos later after i washed those pieces. and oh i'm planning to make a giveaway to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with my bf. so stay tuned ladies !

much love,

Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

quicky quicky !

quick post ! hehe

1. I LOST MY WEIGHT AGAIN. i hate it. any ideas how to gain many many weight ? please everyone i eat like a horse but i cant get fat ! i'm desperate !

2. i made a header for Monica at gimme smoothies. check it out (:
i'm making one for myself too but i my bf said it was ugly so i decided to redesign it.

later ladies !

* sabrinaa

Senin, 27 Juli 2009

blogging avalanche.

it feels soo good to be back on track in the blog world ! i was too lazy and didn't have much time to post while there's so much to tell !

a couple days ago, i went to my bf's house again and did some photoshoot.

cardigan: zara, top: zara, necklace: my DIY, shoes: mango

oh yeah, i've had a haircut before so my eyes is a little bit visible now. haha. this is the second :

headband: thrifted scarf, playsuit: (x) s, m, l , necklace: my DIY, shoes: charles&keith

this time my bf doesn't get a photoshoot. but i took a picture of him anyway

and we planned to go to the movies to watch Public Enemy, but too bad it rained so hard so we didn't go ):
then i decided to go home when the rain stopped, but after a while it rained again so HARD. i was wet everywhere, since we only had a motorcycle, and so was he.
a good start of the day ended really badly ):

yesterday, i hung out with my sis and cousins. it was my uncle's bday so he treated all of us to a really nice restaurant. YIPEE !

then, during the walk and chit chat, i saw a really nice, umm vest i guess. here you go.

it was quite expensive but suddenly i've got special price so i bought it haha.
that's it for today.

have a nice day everyone !


Kamis, 23 Juli 2009

the ultimate ugliness

today is pretty much a bad day for me):

1. bad hair dayyyyyy ! and i realized that i need to have a haircut. look at this !

one word. HORRIBLE !!

2. i lost my upper teeth retainer !! ( retainers ? how nerdy). for as long as i can remember, i put it in its box in the bathroom, but it's not there ! so where else could it be ? i don't know.

i've been looking for it everywhere (even on my trash bin. yuck !) but still there's no sign at all. sigh. it means a lot of money to spend again. hope my dentist can give some discount for the new retainer ):

3. my friend is swine flu NEGATIVE. i was hoping he's swine flu positive ! haha. disappointing.

so i really really looking forward for tomorrow. i hate today so i want it to end soon. hope your day is much much better !


give give give

don't your teachers told you to be generous ? ah, she must be a good student. to celebrate this summer, Amanda decided to do what her teachers said to do. here's what she gonna give you :

that's a lot isn't it ? you should see the whole prize here !
since she's the teacher now, so you have to be a good student and do what she orders. be a good student everyone !


Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

the 3rd floor.

i went to my bf's house this afternoon, and take pictures on his terrace on the 3rd floor.

so here they are :

shirt: thrifted, top: mum's, shorts: orange, necklace: oniclicious, shoes: nine west

this is me and my bf ! :)

just before the second photoshoot, he gave me this:

i really really love it so muchhh since i'm a big fan of minnie mouse :) and i used this scarf for headband in the second photoshoot:

headband: above, top: forever 21, shorts: thrifted, shoes: my sis', bangles: thrifted, watch: casio

and to make this fair, i decided to give my bf a little photoshoot too

sunglasses: aldo, tee: topman, jacket: adidas, pants: i dont know, shoes: adidas

yes he's an adidas freak. he loves it just because his favourite Jay Kay, Jamiroquai's frontman, is wearing the same stuff. duh !

and then came to my fave photo :)

don't know why but i just love this photo (and him) so much ! even though he looked really awkward in it.

well, that's a wrap. i had a really great day today. hope your day is as great or even better !


santa wants giveaway

yeah christmas is still long way to go, but hey there's a santa here ! and here's what she gonna give you.

hmmm quite tempting huh ? soo all you have to do is to be a nice kid and do what she says here.

remember ! do exactly as she says or she gives you nothing kids !
and oh yeah this santa is a really cool person. follow her blog and you'll know why.


Senin, 20 Juli 2009

i like you a lot lot think you're really hot hot

THE BURBERRY BOYS ! call me so last year but who cares. THEY'RE HOT.

l to r : Kristian Walker, Will Cameron, George Craig, Johnny Epstein, Alex Pettyfer

Kristian Walker : lead vocal & guitarist of Last Gang
Will Cameron : model + actor
George Craig : lead vocal of One Night Only, my future husband
Johnny Epstein : creative artist / talent manager
Alex Pettyfer : model + actor

definitely the hottest boys in Great Britain ! * esp George Craig ! ;)

and yes this ad really works ! i'm planning to buy one for my bf, and already got the women's fragrance TWO for myself hahaha.


Jumat, 17 Juli 2009

the classic DIY.

yeah im sure you have seen this in many many blogs, but i'm gonna post it anyway hahaha.

What you need :

feathers/kemoceng, small ribbon, big ribbon, glue, tape, unused cardboard, scissors.

Here's how :

1. Cut the cardboard in any shape you like (mine's triangle)
2. Cover the each ends with the big ribbon.

3. Take off the feathers from the kemoceng, choose the ones you like. If the feathers are too curvy, iron it. haha.

4. Arrange the feathers on the tape, starting from the very bottom layer of your soon-to-be necklace.

5. Place the taped feathers on the cardboard in layers, then glue the big ribbon to cover the tape. Do so until the the upper layer of taped feathers cover them all and it looks like this.

6. Now, cut the small ribbon (mine's 80cm) and sew each ends on the back like this.

7. Whoops ! The back view doesn't look so good, eh ? cover it with the big ribbon.

8. Then, cover the ugly look with the big black ribbon once again.

and voila ! this is my own feather necklace. *sorry for the mess and my ugly finger, i cut it accidentally :(

my friends already saw it and they call it 'The Kemoceng Necklace' haha.
if you have tried it, tell me yours ! i'd be glad to hear from you ;)


DIY shoulder pad necklace !

hey remember my secondhand tops on my previous post ?

yeah the blue one had shoulder pads and i decided to take them off *it looks ridiculous you know haha.
then when i was holding those shoulder pads, suddenly an idea came in. i wanna make a necklace from those ! yes yes yes and its quite easy actually !

What you need :

glue, shoulder pad, small ribbon (80cm), fake gemstones/beads, and sewing kit.

How ? I'm sure you can figure it out ! Here's the result ;)


a fantastic discovery.

i went to a traditional market near my school, PASAR ANYAR, a few days ago. it is a really really dirty market where -i thought- people sells veggies. and then a friend of mine, nikolas and benedict, showed me a secondhand clothes shop -which is my favourite place to find clothes ! so i went in and i got these two pieces.

sorry for the lack of picture quality. anyone who has this apple phone knows whats wrong.
but hey pretty cool isn't it ? and i got it for Rp 35.000 for these two ! * umm its around US$ 3.50
weheee. the blue one got shoulder pads in it so i decided to take them off and an idea came in. haha. secondhand shops ruless ! ;)


cursing it. im speechless.

i woke up this morning and i heard my mum turned on the TV out loud. half concious, i heard some nasty words like 'bombing bla bla bla' and ' there are ... victims' and '... in jw marriott and ritz carlton jakarta'. then i watched the TV and whoaaaa. NO WAY.

photo from washingtonpost.com

JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Jakarta was bombed this morning. bombings agaaainn ?? i was so shocked. really shocked. i cant hardly find any words to describe anyone who did this ! hope God forgives their sins.
and too bad Manchester United cancelled their visit to Indonesia ):

i give my best prayer to all the victims and families. hope they can make it trough this hard time. God bless them all.


Minggu, 12 Juli 2009

this is how much he loves me.

oh i have a boyfriend. hes the sweetest guy i have ever met :)

one day we went to a friend's -huge- house, and i wanted to borrow some comics from him. unfortunately, the treasure was located in umm an unreachable place. so my bf offered to do this :

hahahaha. see ? big help.
and i took this chance to pose a bit and take a picture. heheee ;)
tell me what you think !

lots of loveee,

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

my new love ♥

meet OWL CITY. a one-man-band by Adam Young

photo by Sara Kiesling, taken from myspace

definitely the songs that makes you smile all the day. and hes a really talented photographer too. listen and love him :) the hit ? hot air balloon ! love love loveee.
wish i could have the cd physically and LEGALLY haha


oh hi im new :)

hi ! this is my first blog !
i havent made any blogs before so its kinda weird for me. but i hope i can make this blog really really cool in the future !
follow me i need followerss -to make my page merrier :) . so yeah , enjoy !

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