Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

who wants free stuff ? i do !

i have lots of tempting giveaways to post !

thinking pink ? yes this is an absolute pink giveaway by Aubrey from Made You Blush. it really makes you blush in pink ! click the picture to find out how (deadline Aug 10th)

running out of nice dress ? maybe Nicola Ticola Ponders can help you. all you have to do is to win it ! to be honest i love this dress so much :D (deadline Aug 4th)

if you have cravings for pencil case *??* just enter Laila's Giveaway by clicking this picture below.

good luck ladies ! and yes i'd be very glad if you follow my blog ! it's like a little sunshine on my rainy day (: *i know i sound desperate but it's not as bad as it seems haha*

ps. i gain some weight ! 2 lbs ! but it's a hard work to gain that much ):


16 komentar:

  1. Congrats on the 2lbs...tell me how?
    Thanks for the shout-out...Double entry for you luv. Oh...i thought i was following, my bad! Gonna go do that NOW :)

  2. Ooo yeah! Thanks for following-- and for entering. ehehe. :) I will def be sure to follow YOU now!

  3. thankyou ladies !

    @aubrey: i eat and drink muscle milk (supposed to be for guys who wants muscle haha)

  4. omg giveaways. seems every blogger have giveaway. cant wait to see yours hahaha

  5. Yay on the 2 lbs! The socks in the first giveaway are funny :)

  6. These are some great giveaways-thanks for sharing. Your new header is adorable. I love Minnie : )

  7. Thank you for loving my dress so much! If the winner was the most keen person you would surely win, haha, but alas I'm choosing at random, but good luck! :-)

    nicola xxx

  8. giveaways galore! love it! ;P

  9. your blog is so beautiful! i love the background and the header. cant wait to catch up!! xoxo

  10. teach me how to use photoshop. I'm not that good :( visit my blog

  11. That dress is SO pretty <3

  12. your new header is precious :)

  13. cute and girly!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  14. Woahh many nice bloggers giving away giveaway now :p! I love the dress so much :D I entered ahha I'm not usually lucky so like yea whatevs.

    Thanks for the lovely comment and you're a lovely follower =)!!! <3


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