Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009


i'm on LOOK 10 ! click the picture below to see me (: post some comments too there i'd be delighted !

and yes i did a DIY too, inspired by this gorgeous Balmain blazer

but since i don't have any blazers, i decided to put the studs on my cardigan like this

well i did't really like this cardigan because it's oversized in a bad way, but now i do really like it !

i put the studs on a cafe, an uncanny activity to do there but it indicates that it is a really easy thing to do. anywhere anytime.

and yes this is my outfit !

necklace: dad's, top: Jogjakarta, cardigan: my DIY Zara cardigan, leggings: freebie from Gogirl!, shoes: adidas, bag: H&M

well i think it looks better in real life cause when i saw this pic it looks umm, ordinary ?

that's it for today, now i'm planning to my giveaway and gotta go to sleep cause i have a driving lesson in the morning. wish me luck ! i want a driver's license sooo bad !


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  1. Good luck with your driving license. I never even in my life drive. The least I can do is bom bom car and that is.. BOM BOM car.. get it? :p bumping into people haha.

    O my god I love the studded blazer :( I saw one in Zara and wanting to buy it so bad.

  2. Good luck with your license!! And let us know how the test went. :)
    Oh, I love the outfit!! Uber cute.

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog so enter! And be sure and stop by and leave a note & follow-- it would really make my day.


  3. lovin' the studs girl! you're so creative!

  4. I ♥ the outfit. I'm looking to find a black studded belt. That style is SOOOOooo in right now :)-

  5. I love your outfit and your DIY!!

  6. good luck with the lesson^^

    love your outfit.. the top is really cool and love the stud idea. I might even try it out myself^^

    + checked your feature on LOOK 10.. love that outfit too!♥

  7. Oh thank you! <3
    Thats good, so you can read my blog :D

  8. i love the studs on the cardi!! you're always so creative.Balmain is awesome huh!
    did i tell you already that the new banner is really cute?but u already know that, don't you! lol
    have a great weekend dearie

  9. nowayyyy! i should drive well before you do! hahaha good luck, sis :]

  10. Really good idea, and love your blog!

  11. Wow..u r so creative hun..looks so pretty^^

  12. Fab DIY and super sweet look!

  13. really nice DIY! i really want to stud something but i just can't figure out what... also your header is really adorable!


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