Jumat, 31 Juli 2009


oh finally i finished my header ! i know it took some time, cause i was stuck and didn't know what to do. but thank goodness i can finish it (:

when the header was done, the work didn't just stop there. i had to rearrage the layout so the header would match the background ( i can't give up my background just yet cause i love it ! :9 )

and today my friend, Yundha, and i met Monica from gimme smoothies ! haha looks like i mentioned her a lot on my blog eh ? she was fun and yes we went shopping to a shopping heaven called PASAR SENEN ( it means Monday Market in English)

i look really ugly there but who cares ? haha.
well it's a tough ride to reach Pasar Senen, i had to catch a train and sit for one hour then walk and wait for a bus for 15 minutes, then transit, queued, then go on a bus again for like 20 minutes until finally arrived at the destination. the ride home also tougher, it's just too much.

but that place is just awesome ! those tortures are really paid off. i bought a few pieces for me and my mum, but i ended up disappointed at home cause i didn't buy anything colorful ):
i also saw a really nice Lacoste sweater there. it was really really cheap ! ( you can't believe if i mentioned the price) i didn't buy it and i just can't stop thinking about it now. so i think i'm gonna go again just to buy that sweater and something colorful (:

more photos later after i washed those pieces. and oh i'm planning to make a giveaway to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with my bf. so stay tuned ladies !

much love,

11 komentar:

  1. I love the new header & the photos of you guys are so cute! :)
    I love seeing cheap designer clothes hehe. Good luck finding something colourful!

  2. your header looks so nice! love it! where did you make it? and the layout also fit your header, LOVE IT!

  3. Ur new header is great!!
    U really in love with Minnie, don't U? hehe

  4. oh well, emang thrifting itu menyenangkan.hahahaha.. can't wait for the photos. xD

  5. Love ur new header^^
    Ur pictures look so cute together*

  6. thank you so much ladies ! x)
    @ shilla : i made this myself with photoshop (:

  7. I LOVE the header and you are not ugly at all! Very cute, actually :)

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  9. yay for giveaway . ilove the header .it looks great

  10. Such a lovely header! :-)



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