Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

the 3rd floor.

i went to my bf's house this afternoon, and take pictures on his terrace on the 3rd floor.

so here they are :

shirt: thrifted, top: mum's, shorts: orange, necklace: oniclicious, shoes: nine west

this is me and my bf ! :)

just before the second photoshoot, he gave me this:

i really really love it so muchhh since i'm a big fan of minnie mouse :) and i used this scarf for headband in the second photoshoot:

headband: above, top: forever 21, shorts: thrifted, shoes: my sis', bangles: thrifted, watch: casio

and to make this fair, i decided to give my bf a little photoshoot too

sunglasses: aldo, tee: topman, jacket: adidas, pants: i dont know, shoes: adidas

yes he's an adidas freak. he loves it just because his favourite Jay Kay, Jamiroquai's frontman, is wearing the same stuff. duh !

and then came to my fave photo :)

don't know why but i just love this photo (and him) so much ! even though he looked really awkward in it.

well, that's a wrap. i had a really great day today. hope your day is as great or even better !


14 komentar:

  1. OMG too much cuteness in this post. i love them all, and the necklace you wearing on first picture make my nose getting bigger HAHAHAHAHA

  2. hey girlie! those pictures of you n your bf are so cute!great couple!
    thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    you asked in the comment you made, how to get the hair accessories, n i came over here to explain, but i see you already got the idea lolzz
    anyway, followed you now

  3. aww you guys are so cute.
    i really like both your styles.
    and i love the effect of the photos where you're wearing the scarf :)

  4. hehe, you guys are so cute! :) and i love how you used the scarf as a headband, very cute! :)

  5. so cute!
    anwy u don't have a chatbox sab?

  6. hi i'm a new follower^^

    i love your photos! they have a beautiful vintage feel to them. + your very photogenic~ you and your bf look so cute together too!

    love the headscarf^^


  7. thank you very muchooo ladiess ! xD

  8. aww you guys are so cute together! love mickey mouse!

  9. Lovely pictures, you too look really cute together!

  10. aww you two are SO cute together!!

    i love your background, it reminds me of M.I.A!!


  11. pi, gw demen banget foto lw yg ke 2.. berasa gmn gituuhh.. hehe... keren keren.. nnti ajarin gw caranya ngedit tuh foto yakss..

  12. So Cute,

    Minni and Mickey always rock ;)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Happy sunny and relaxing week!

  13. ayeee...cute cute cute.. i envy you guyss.. ayeee
    <3 <3


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