Jumat, 17 Juli 2009

the classic DIY.

yeah im sure you have seen this in many many blogs, but i'm gonna post it anyway hahaha.

What you need :

feathers/kemoceng, small ribbon, big ribbon, glue, tape, unused cardboard, scissors.

Here's how :

1. Cut the cardboard in any shape you like (mine's triangle)
2. Cover the each ends with the big ribbon.

3. Take off the feathers from the kemoceng, choose the ones you like. If the feathers are too curvy, iron it. haha.

4. Arrange the feathers on the tape, starting from the very bottom layer of your soon-to-be necklace.

5. Place the taped feathers on the cardboard in layers, then glue the big ribbon to cover the tape. Do so until the the upper layer of taped feathers cover them all and it looks like this.

6. Now, cut the small ribbon (mine's 80cm) and sew each ends on the back like this.

7. Whoops ! The back view doesn't look so good, eh ? cover it with the big ribbon.

8. Then, cover the ugly look with the big black ribbon once again.

and voila ! this is my own feather necklace. *sorry for the mess and my ugly finger, i cut it accidentally :(

my friends already saw it and they call it 'The Kemoceng Necklace' haha.
if you have tried it, tell me yours ! i'd be glad to hear from you ;)


4 komentar:

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog : ) This necklace is amazing. Thank your for sharing how to do it. I would love to give this a try!

  2. nice one!.. kek nefertiti punya. gw si beli waktu ith.hahaha..mhal jg 80rb. klo bikin sendiri,wah , entah brapa kali nya lebi murah.

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  4. ya ampun gw ngga ampe 20rb modalnyaa haha. ayoo bikiinn hehe


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