Jumat, 17 Juli 2009

DIY shoulder pad necklace !

hey remember my secondhand tops on my previous post ?

yeah the blue one had shoulder pads and i decided to take them off *it looks ridiculous you know haha.
then when i was holding those shoulder pads, suddenly an idea came in. i wanna make a necklace from those ! yes yes yes and its quite easy actually !

What you need :

glue, shoulder pad, small ribbon (80cm), fake gemstones/beads, and sewing kit.

How ? I'm sure you can figure it out ! Here's the result ;)


3 komentar:

  1. ehh? gilaaaa otak kita bener2 sama!!! g udah sediain shoulder pads, buat bikin statement necklace, tinggal beli hiasan2nya aja.ampuuuun.. ahahaha..

  2. hahah sehati kitaa ! ayoo bikiin bikiin ! btw follow dongg hehe * maksaaa haha

  3. Wow...I love ur creation^^


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