Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

quicky quicky !

quick post ! hehe

1. I LOST MY WEIGHT AGAIN. i hate it. any ideas how to gain many many weight ? please everyone i eat like a horse but i cant get fat ! i'm desperate !

2. i made a header for Monica at gimme smoothies. check it out (:
i'm making one for myself too but i my bf said it was ugly so i decided to redesign it.

later ladies !

* sabrinaa

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  1. Thanks for reading la vie...j'aime!

    That heading you made for Gimme Smoothies is so cute- bravo!

  2. the header is cute! and gaining weight, what a lucky problem to have!! ;D


  3. thank you so much muchyyyyy, princess :D

  4. U should be happy coz almost every girl want to have a skinny body ;)..just take the positive side then..hehe
    hmm..have U try milk for gaining weight?

    anw,,I like new header U gave to monica..and I'm your follower now..I like your DIY stuff :)

  5. Oh yes! I love Onic's new header! Great work!


  6. u have no idea how much i'd love to have your problem! haha
    hmmm one of my friends gained some weight by drinking full cream milk and eating dried dates everyday. that sounds a bit icky to me though, i'm not a big fan of either >_<
    anyway the header u made is cute :)

  7. the header you made is adorable!
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog (:

  8. This is a really cute blog. I love how colorful it is! Thank you so much for your comment! You have the cutest pictures :)

  9. heyhey.. a few of my friends had probs with gaining weight too.. instead of eating 2-3 large meals a day try eating 4-5 more balanced meals..

    the banner you designed is so cool^^ i cant wait to see you new banner!

  10. Monica's banner is great. Fabulous job!

  11. Sweetie...i have the same issue with weight. I eat & eat...yet nothing :( If you find the solution, PLEASE let me know. And if you like to sing that song as your header...head on over to my giveaway ♥

  12. wow, you wanna gain weight?!?!? just eat high carby foods.... pastas, breads, rice, ... anything deep fried. ahhaah! ;P

  13. oh gawd i wish i could give away my secret... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? LOL i eat and eat and eat but gain gain gain!! *sigh* one can never be contented LOL


  14. auch.. we have the same major problem here dear..!! i even drink eating stimultant to gain my eating sense.. but i keep loding weight too.. ;'( .. WE WANT a FULLER body!!!

    ps: i'm loving your blog!

  15. Hello :)
    Your name is just like my sister's
    Btw, may i have your email so i can contact you ? I want to talk about "something" or a project with you ! Just inform me at my blog okeee ?
    tx :))

  16. Can you tell me how you lost weight?!?!?! I KEEP GAINING.

  17. How about loving the fact that you can wear clothes us curvy girls can't??

  18. drink milk & lots of cheese. and eat before you sleep. but however, just be grateful though!

  19. oh wow.haha. jangan ampe kurus2 banged =) ayo makan makan makan. hehehe..


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