Senin, 27 Juli 2009

blogging avalanche.

it feels soo good to be back on track in the blog world ! i was too lazy and didn't have much time to post while there's so much to tell !

a couple days ago, i went to my bf's house again and did some photoshoot.

cardigan: zara, top: zara, necklace: my DIY, shoes: mango

oh yeah, i've had a haircut before so my eyes is a little bit visible now. haha. this is the second :

headband: thrifted scarf, playsuit: (x) s, m, l , necklace: my DIY, shoes: charles&keith

this time my bf doesn't get a photoshoot. but i took a picture of him anyway

and we planned to go to the movies to watch Public Enemy, but too bad it rained so hard so we didn't go ):
then i decided to go home when the rain stopped, but after a while it rained again so HARD. i was wet everywhere, since we only had a motorcycle, and so was he.
a good start of the day ended really badly ):

yesterday, i hung out with my sis and cousins. it was my uncle's bday so he treated all of us to a really nice restaurant. YIPEE !

then, during the walk and chit chat, i saw a really nice, umm vest i guess. here you go.

it was quite expensive but suddenly i've got special price so i bought it haha.
that's it for today.

have a nice day everyone !


18 komentar:

  1. you're so cute cute cuteeee. najis orang kaya, branded smua hahahaha

  2. i adore your photoshoots :)
    does your boyfriend take the photos?
    i wish i didn't get so embarrassed when people take photos of me :/

  3. WOW..nice pictures,love the color effects^^

  4. so is your bf your personal photographer?!?! hehe! lucky! ;P love the photos!

  5. I love your style. Glad you can see better now that you trimmed your bangs : )

  6. love the zara top and your necklace is cool.. very versatile.. i want to make one~~ haha

    btw your hair looks good like that^^ xox

  7. zarazarazara<33

    happy birthday to your uncle ;)

    your outfit is fabulous!

  8. i love the top, and the outfit in general!

    this blog is amazing, i love your background! it's so fun.

  9. i love special prices! very cute vest!

    and both those outfits are adorable :)


  10. Thank you so much for your comment! Your blog is lovely. I just love the background!

  11. oh thanks sweety :*
    i follow your blog, too. xoxo

  12. These pictures are adorable! Your blog is fabulous, thank you for your sweet comment.

  13. I like your outfits! The shoes that you're wearing on the first pictures are beautiful!

  14. really love the dress kinda thing and jumpsuit! and your header and background are so nice!

  15. your outifts are adorable! i would love to see bigger versions of your DIY shoes but they look pretty damn cute too! love your blog.

    wanna follow each other? :)
    come visit our blog!

    xo, camilla


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